About Us 

What we do 

Aiimi are thought leaders in Information Strategy and innovators in the technical implementation of information management solutions. We place end users, their decision-making needs, and their performance at the forefront of everything we do. Through user experience and data driven design we provide smart access, navigation, and high quality capture, ensuring information is available to everyone who needs it. We take an agile approach to transformation, and install governance to ensure each step is focused on driving measurable success.

Our people

  • Aiimi people are Brave, we don't fear it, we finish it. Instead of putting things off, we like to get them done straight away.
  • Aiimi people are Expert. Aiimi employees are hired for their talent, Character, energy, and world class expertise.
  • Aiimi people are caring. We are collectively committed to doing the best for our customers, society and each other.
  • Aiimi people have integrity. We do the right thing. We are honest, ethical, respectful, and loyal to everyone we work with. 

Our mission

Aiimi puts the right information into people’s hands at the moment they need it, so they can build better products, provide better service and lead more productive lives.