Aiimi Giving

Aiimi is big on Corporate Social Responsibility. Last year, Aiimi people ran further than Forrest Gump, baked more cakes than Mr Kipling, lunched with royalty, skydived, and did various other amazing and frankly bonkers things for charity. We’ve even got a CSR committee. They wear brogues and corduroy. They like cloudy lemonade. The committee plans and produces wild, wonderful and often very moving CSR events and activities. Aiimi CSR activities include hands-on support, fundraising, workshops, sporting endeavours . . . and whatever anyone can think of. Got a great idea for a CSR gig? Tell us.

Our Goals

At Aiimi, we know that there is more to being a company than just the bottom-line. We want to be an organisation that makes a positive social impact, both in partnership with our clients, and through our own initiatives. We aim to:

  • Use Our Business Know-how Use our business expertise to make a difference in all CSR programmes we are a part of
  • Commit ‘Pro-Bono’ time Make available our consultants time to help organisations free of charge
  • Develop Our Team Through CSR Positively develop our staff through CSR programmes and activities

We are proud of our relentless company-wide passion and enthusiasm for Aiimi Giving. On many occasions our staff have volunteered their free time and gone out of their way in support of charitable causes. Although we carry out many fundraisers and will continue to do so, we always prioritise opportunities for practical work we can do. In particular, our leadership has always been passionate about helping young people achieve their potential. With our main charity partner, UKYouth, we are always on the lookout for ways to support their growth and development.

UK Youth

Aiimi has been closely partnered with UK Youth for more than three years. UK Youth is a charity dedicated to supporting young people in realising their potential. We support UK Youth in developing and promoting non-formal learning opportunities for all. Aiimi actively organises events in the local community on behalf UK Youth.

UKYouth logo.jpg

In January this year, we ran a 'Generation Code' event.
Generation Code teaches programming skills to students in the community. These skills are progressively in demand and empower tomorrow's workforce with the skills to succeed!

Also, we have ran several successful fundraising events for UK Youth, and had the privilege of helping to plan their annual fundraising gala dinners

We look forward to continue working in partnership with UK Youth to make a real difference to young people around the country.

Our Achievements

2016 was a huge time of change for Aiimi Giving. Under leadership of the newly formed Aiimi Giving committee, we set about consolidating our current partnerships whilst also laying the foundations for the future.
We had 3 main focuses:

  • Placing a greater emphasis on donating our time and industry expertise
  • Inspiring everybody to Get Involved!; Employees, clients and charity partners
  • Making a real difference to people's lives

February saw Aiimi shortlisted for the Third sector business charity awards, with UK Youth as charity partner. We placed second; a great testament to the continuing partnership evolving and growing with UK Youth. Galvanising the spirit of the awards we embarked on multiple fundraisers, including the London 10k run for UK Youth and multiple smaller initiatives. This culminated in sending two of our very own to the Royal Parks half marathon. Aiimi are proud to have raised a huge £10,500 during 2016. Summer was exciting for Aiimi. As a company we hosted a table at the WaterAid ball with our client Anglian Water, sponsoring an auction lot.

Next up, the UK Youth gala dinner – their biggest fundraiser of the year. This year, we were honoured to join the organising committee – striving to make the event bigger and better than past years. These events are a great occasion to showcase the results of our work to our employees and inspire them to Get Involved! Sadiq Khan called us to arms against the shame of homelessness in London. We answered. As the charity Crisis lament: "Homelessness de-skills and isolates, leaving homeless people both socially and digitally excluded."

Working alongside St Mungo's recovery college, we focused on what we could offer as a technology company.

Our Microsoft Office training sessions empower homeless people with the skills they need to enter the workplace. Alongside UK Youth and Microsoft, Aiimi embarked on Generation Code. The programme inspires future educational and career choices of young people by showcasing the increasing opportunities available in the digital world through numerous interactive workshops. Including generation code, Aiimi volunteered over 384 hours, equivalent to £19,200. 


As part of our relaunch, we are going to be providing a monthly Aiimi Giving blog to update you on our current initiatives, our events, as well as providing our perspective on relevant topics throughout the year. In the meantime, our previous CSR writing can be found on our blog .