The Challenge

AEGIS London Holdings Ltd is part of an industry that like many, is heavily reliant on email communication, and data exploration within Excel. In an effort to centralise information, AEGIS had implemented SharePoint Foundation. As with many SharePoint platforms, however, it became hard to mine information due to the improvable architecture.

How Aiimi Helped

Through consultation and demonstration, Aiimi proved to AEGIS that SharePoint can be crucial to the digitalisation of the insurance industry. We then evidenced the value of excellent information architecture within the SharePoint Foundation platform to the business. Next, we improved that architecture. The Infrastructure and an Enterprise licence was then upgraded so that AEGIS could fully utilise the platform, and reap the rewards.

"The SharePoint Server Enterprise platform implemented by Aiimi is now helping AEGIS to build a digital future. The SharePoint Server Enterprise provides a solid platform for underwriters to collaborate, a central storage with search facilities for important information, and a location for next generation Management Information dashboards."