The Challenge

Biffa had, over time, developed extensive data warehouse, ETL and business intelligence solutions to consolidate and analyse operational data from various line of business systems. Most of the knowledge and expertise regarding the design and maintenance of these systems was vested in 1 or 2 key individuals. During the planning stages of a programme of work to upgrade and move this entire platform into the cloud, their main expert became unavailable. At short notice, Biffa sought Aiimi's assistance to complete the planning and execution of this programme and to provide support for their BI issues in the meantime.

How Aiimi Helped

Aiimi conducted a wide-ranging system inventory, review and health-check. Existing solution architecture and key configuration settings were documented and observations and improvements made for increased performance and resilience. Aiimi then provided transitional solution architecture and planning to enable the transfer and switch-over of the entire system into the cloud. Throughout this period, Aiimi provided 3rd line support to resolve all day-to-day issues affecting Biffa's MicroStrategy BI platform.

"With Aiimi’s help, Biffa were able to document and tune their existing business intelligence systems, resolve ongoing issues, and leverage our knowledge and expertise to plan for a more efficient solution architecture in the cloud."