The Challenge

Cuadrilla had insufficient governance or control of its information, and poor metadata and classification. Content was held in different silos within four main business functions, and defined in different taxonomies. Search was not configured and non-operational. Nobody in the business trusted search results, if there were any at all. Finding business critical content had become all but impossible. A solution was required, fast.

How Aiimi Helped

Using SharePoint 2013, Aiimi delivered a content management solution based on robust Enterprise Information Management principles, and the power of Search. This project entailed unifying four business functions to manage 100+ cross functional projects, which are the lifeblood of the organisation. Each business function was analysed to understand the types of content owned and authored. We reverse-engineered some of the existing folder structures. Content analysis gave us the Information Management hierarchy needed to produce the required Enterprise SharePoint Taxonomy and associated metadata.

"Aiimi continues to work with Cuadrilla to support and manage the new SharePoint based BIM platform. Information is now much easier to find and use for all concerned."