The Challenge

The Department for International Development (DFID) is a ministerial department that exists to end extreme poverty worldwide. DFID and has offices in 40 of the world’s most deprived countries. DFID undertakes funding and project work, and collaborates with global banks, governments, and in-country delivery partners. An efficient, flexible and robust content management solution is therefore imperative to DFID’s operation. 

How Aiimi Helped

DFID needed a content management system that could function with very limited bandwidth and severe connection problems in very challenging local environments.
Aiimi worked with Lockheed Martin to implement an OpenText Content Server content management system, hosted for the DFID in Microsoft Azure in the UK. This system services all DFID’s 40 locations around the world. Using cutting edge remote caching technology, our proprietary user-experience management platform and offline client working, we have vastly improved the reputation and usability of the department’s systems. We are proud to say that we have provided a reliable content management system to all 3600 of DFID’s staff no matter where in the world they work, and under almost any connectivity conditions.

“Aiimi worked on the ground with DFID both in the UK and in Rwanda to implement and test, to train, and to manage change. Now, Aiimi actively manages the OpenText Content Server system using its automated Application Management and Monitoring product. Aiimi also works with Lockheed Martin to manage the platform as a service delivery model.”