The Challenge

"In a challenging marketplace, we needed to leverage our leadership positions on key accounts to drive increased value to the group. Working in a more strategic, collaborative way across product lines not only provides greater value to our policyholders, it also helps us differentiate Liberty from our competitors. By embedding a cross-selling business culture, we can increase profitability, and realise potential product development opportunities."

How Aiimi Helped

The Aiimi team designed and produced a workflow system using SharePoint 2013 for Liberty. The system provides a simple form that sends an alert to notify a colleague of a new opportunity. The data is stored in a central location. This provides effective reporting and management, and avoids the risk of losing information in individual email inboxes.

"Aiimi’s system generated $351k worth of new premiums within the first week of launch, and continues to support Liberty's business operations on a daily basis."