The Challenge

Marcura is a global IT and Business Service company. It provides a broad suite of products servicing the global maritime shipping industry. Marcura wanted a solution that would enable it to produce and share all the necessary legal documentation required to allow charterers, vessel owners and brokers etc. to set up voyages. The solution needed to be cloud-based and collaborative, with an intuitive interface, and accessible on mobile.

How Aiimi Helped

The Aiimi team ran workshops with subject matter experts. These workshops were undertaken in order to produce the wireframes, personas and scenarios that would constitute the backbone of the solution. Concurrently, the Aiimi development team developed proofs of concept to determine the feasibility of the proposed solution. With a UI language in place and a technology stack chosen, Aiimi then delivered the MVP, which was launched on the market after only a few months.

"Thanks to Aiimi, we can now quickly generate and share the legal and other documents required to enable our clients to set up and undertake voyages that are essential to delivering critical energy, food and raw materials to millions of people worldwide."