The Challenge

MFB is a specialist shipping law firm. The company was using an old document management system that wasn’t up to task. A modern, centralised document management system was required. Such a system would provide a single, easy access repository for all client documents, emails and attachments across the firm. Without such a system in place, customer service was not up to the high standards MFB sets itself. This represented a barrier to business wellbeing and growth that required expert attention in short order.

How Aiimi Helped

The Aiimi team quickly created and implemented an OpenText eDOCS system that met MFB’s requirements. The new system allowed customer emails to be filed in bulk (manually and automatically) and accessed in a logical way. Aiimi migrated all MFB’s existing documentation into the new document management platform seamlessly. Aiimi has supported the new system for MFB since go-live. MFB customer service has benefitted. MFB now plans to introduce mobile working with Aiimi’s help.

“Aiimi decommissioned an old document management system that did not fulfil the requirements of the practice. The Aiimi team then worked quickly to replace the old system with a new document management solution, which we are extremely happy with.”