The Challenge

Novo Nordisk manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products. It is also an enzyme manufacturer and world leading haemostasis and hormone therapy provider. As a global organisation, the enterprise does business with numerous countries. It therefore has a complex regulatory framework and partner base, and predominant ethical considerations.
Novo Nordisk needed a centralised business intelligence solution that managed all global partner contracts and contract processes. The system had to support the placement of embargoes in certain jurisdictions, manage business ethics compliance in the partner ecosystem, and track global contract related tax obligations.

How Aiimi Helped

Aiimi coached Novo Nordisk’s business systems teams in India and China. We have also supported and enhanced Novo Nordisk’s global CMS application since 2009. This application now serves over 1700 Novo Nordisk corporate legal end-users around the world. We have been responsible for migrating content in many decommissioned Novo Nordisk point legal systems. We have also carried out four major upgrade releases and seven enhancement packages, and managed all interaction with the software vendor.

“Aiimi has managed and enhanced an application initially implemented in 2006 for its entire lifecycle. Aiimi also has, and will continue to be, a key support partner for a critical Novo Nordisk business system through to the projected end of life for the system in 2019.”