The Challenge

Most large corporations have vast amounts of information held in various databases. UBS is no exception. Areas of the bank were having a tough time leveraging reliable information through their MicroStrategy installation; this was due to a poor setup and a difficult data model. There was also a requirement to move some complex Excel reporting into an automated environment to save time and reduce the latency.

How Aiimi Helped

We began by reverse-engineering the Excel reporting to gain insights. We then identified the data source within them and took it back to its raw form. The same was done for the existing MicroStrategy reporting. Once all this information had been gathered, we re-engineered the database and setup MicroStrategy to better suit the reporting requirements.
We then built new reports and dashboards that utilised the full capabilities of MicroStrategy. Trust in the numbers was restored, and the latency of the reporting decreased significantly. We analysed the results (instead of manipulating the raw data manually). Aiimi also helped train UBS staff in the use of MicroStrategy so that they could perform their own self-serve analyses instead of relying on IT to produce the numbers.

"Aiimi’s MicroStrategy solution for USB proved to be useful and sustainable. Indeed, Aiimi has been engaged with UBS for several years now. We continue to help shape and develop UBS’s strategic approach to information management, business intelligence, and the practical implementation of the supporting technologies."