The Challenge

United Utilities needed help to define its EIM strategy, develop its business and IT concept phase and develop supporting proofs of concept. (These proofs can help to establish both the EIM capabilities required by the business and to materialise the supporting business case.) Aiimi was outsourced to undertake the requirement.

How Aiimi Helped

Aiimi developed and defined United Utilities’ EIM strategy throughout the concept phase. This was an iterative process, during which we worked with and obtained buy-in from board level sponsors and key business stakeholders.
The proofs of concept spanned four business processes: Launch Packs, Range Manager, Manage Photos and Manage Change. The proofs of concept were then used to model business benefits and develop EIM capabilities.
Aiimi also designed and built an analytics demonstration of United Utilities content, to show the power of unstructured content insight and how this insight can be used to connect the unstructured and structured worlds. This demonstration was based on open source capabilities including Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout and some natural language processing libraries. 

"Our work with United Utilities helped the business to develop its business and IT concept phase, define its EIM strategy, and develop supporting proofs of concept as required."