The Challenge

Wessex Water provides water to 10,000 square kilometres around the Bristol and Bath area. It employs 2,000 people. The organisation has a modern IT infrastructure, which includes a SharePoint content management implementation. Like many well-established companies however, Wessex Water has legacy IT platforms that include dated but still used content management systems. The cost of maintaining these legacy content management systems had grown over time, particularly because of compounded RPI related cost increases.

How Aiimi Helped

Aiimi provides a premium managed support service for Wessex Water’s legacy content management platforms. Aiimi thereby enables the organisation to dispense with vendor support - and associated costs - for these systems. Aiimi keeps these content management solutions functioning, whilst helping the organisation transition to the new SharePoint.

“Aiimi saved us tens of thousands of pounds per year, while keeping our business users happy, and our plans to transition to the new Content Management platform on-track.”