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Understand Your Pollutions Risk

Posted by Steve O'Donoghue on 05/04/2017

Regrettably, the Water Industry hit the headlines recently for the wrong reasons with one Water Company feeling the full weight of the law in the form of a £20m fine after being found guilty of a number of offences relating to pollution. 

The verdict and associated financial impact sends out a clear message to Water Companies and the public that pollution - and in this case pollution combined with corporate negligence, will no longer be tolerated. 

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Topics: Water, Utilities

Dooberry: Accelerate Your Elastic Stack Analytics

Posted by Jack Lawton on 23/03/2017

The Elastic stack is a fantastic open source tool for visualising data, allowing you to quickly draw the conclusions you need for vital business decisions. Whatever data you are filing away, be it mass transit, social media or Content Server logs, despite the latest developments from Elastic (ingest node and beats), more often than not Logstash is still the most appropriate tool.

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Topics: Content Server, Elastic, Insight&Analytics, Dooberry, Elastic Stack

Aiimi Team Present at Ofwats #unlockdatavalue2017 Workshop.

Posted by Jon Plowman on 22/03/2017

The workshop, held at Ofwat's Birmingham HQ focussed on how Water Companies could be gathering and using data more effectively to meet their own and Ofwat's objectives now and in the future.

Paul Maker (CTO) and Steve O’Donoghue (Director, Utilities) presented their view of how insight and analytics tools are being used to build a better understanding of consumer needs, behaviours and sentiment and how this knowledge can be used to both improve operational performance and customer experience.

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Topics: Water, Ofwat, Utilities, Insight&Analytics