Aiimi & convedo

HR_aiimi logo 2 colourAiimi are leaders and innovators in Information Strategy and Digital Transformation.
Our mission is to put information in the hands of employees. We place end users, their decision-making needs, and their performance at the forefront. By starting at the end, we understand all of the information that is needed to run the business. Then through user experience and data driven design we ensure high quality information is captured and made available to everyone who needs it to perform their role. We take an agile and continuous improvement approach to transformation, with each step focused on driving measurable improvement. Our focus on user experience and self-learning information models enables our customers to realise commercial value from their data and content, linking technology to business outcomes.

Aiimi has a diverse range of customers in the sector and has helped:
•Implement enabling technology platforms as part of transformation projects at city, county and unitary local authorities
•Provide document, records and case management platforms for central government departments and NGOs
•Support NI14 avoidable contact initiatives for London Borough councils, helping to make citizen contact with their local council ‘right first time’

Our consultants have delivered ECM solutions for councils such as Isle of Wight Council, Dundee City Council, Hertfordshire County Council, Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester Councils. In central government, we work with organisations such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Planning Inspectorate and the Office of Rail Regulation. Our services in this area range across information strategy, requirements gathering and technical and functional design specifications through to implementation, change management and support.



Convedo is a consultancy firm that designs, develops, delivers and supports proces s based splications using business process management (BPM) software platforms, to organisations that leverage the importance of their processes and information.

We work with clients to understand their processes through our extensive consultancy service to design and implement a software based solution. Enabling them to unlock the business value of digital transformation hence increasing customer satisfaction and compliance, reducing costs and enabling governance. A cornerstone of our offering is a range of process application blueprints; which can be easily configured to support specific business problems, and which may be deployed as early as 30 days. These products and services deliver immediate business impact and value to your company through scale and cost efficiencies, best practices and technological capabilities, leading directly to increased profitability.

Convedo has become the go-to firm for OpenText BPM consulting (including Metastorm BPM, Assure, MBPM, Process Suite) in the EMEA region. convedo consultants have years of experience installing, developing, and deploying customised, integrated business process solutions across all major industries including Local Government, Financial Services, Legal Services and Public Sector.

Convedo is a trusted business process management and business transformation partner to the private and public sectors.  Convedo clients receive a comprehensive service which covers each phase of the project cycle, complemented by systematic analysis of client-relevant conceptual issues. During the specialised, organisational and technological implementation, Convedo supports and complements our clients’ project teams with industry expertise and IT specialists.