Asset Management

It is widely acknowledged that one of the biggest challenges facing energy and utilities companies is how to cost effectively manage assets in an increasingly regulated environment. The maintenance and operation of an organisations assets is critical to provide an uninterrupted supply chain. Following a number of recent high profile and very costly incidents, the energy and utility sector is under increasing scrutiny to provide transparency of processes and practices relating to the maintenance and operations of their asset estate.

Through Aiimi’s deep rooted understanding of the energy and utilities sectors, we have been able to work with industry leading organisations to provide information management solutions tightly integrated into core ERP and EAM applications, which leverage all asset related content in a compliant and transparent way.


  • Provide single consolidated view of asset documentation.
  • Seamless integration into ERP and EAM.
  • Reduction in downtime of assets.
  • Transparency into all processes and procedures.
  • Robust information platform enabling rapid regulatory compliance.
  • Collaborative sharing platform for internal and external partners.