Controlled Document Management System

Built on the solid foundation of OpenText Content Server and developed in partnership with our industry customers, our Controlled Document Management System (CDMS) for the Oil & Gas Industry, solves many interrelated business problems. CDMS supports the integration of people, processes, and business information to drive efficiency and improved organisational agility.

Key features:

Review/Interdisciplinary Check (IDC)  – an interdisciplinary check/review and approval process that allows commenting on documents and then collation and approval of comments before producing an audit and transmittal pack.

Inbound/ Outbound Document Transmittal – a process and technical solution for handling the receipt of inbound documents from third parties and return of documents after IDC review.

Correspondence and Automatic Document Numbering – a system for pre-allocating correspondence and document numbers (including sheet numbers) from a set of metadata.

Data Table Manager – a metadata management dashboard that allows Document Controllers to manage/ update metadata used by the solution.

User Manager – to manage third parties who access the system and take part in document processes.
Document Distribution – a facility to handle both manual and automatic (pre-defined) distribution lists for document review and transmittal.

See below for our Introduction to CDMS Video: