Off-Shore Document Access

When working in an off-shore environment, the reliability of communications links to land based and other off-shore technology resources can be problematic, typically with low bandwidth availability and intermittent connection. Despite this, access to up to date information from off-shore locations is critical for the safe operation of platforms and other assets. It is always preferable to manage information centrally allowing access from multiple locations and collaborating with third party contractors and partners on this information, but the right versions of information should be available at all times in the respective off-shore location.

Aiimi has developed a comprehensive set of solutions to address the requirements of the energy sector, in particular with regard to off-shore access to documentation including drawings, health and safety guidelines, operating procedures and maintenance information. The following areas have been considered and addressed:

  • Off-Line Access
  • Low Bandwidth On-Line Access
  • Transmittal Process
  • Managed File Transfer
  • Third Party Off-Shore
  • Data Ownership and Protection