BI Reporting

‘Big Data’ is the current buzz word in the IT market. Aiimi recognise the need for ‘Big Data’ solutions, however we believe that the key to extracting benefits is the identification of ‘Value Data’. Aiimi works with a number of large financial services organisations where our focus is identifying and reporting against the key ‘Value Data’ that enables these organisations to make critical business decisions.


  • Increased profit margins by maximizing operational efficiency throughout the enterprise.
  • Customer retention is key – through reporting on key data, organisations can understand client behaviours identifying the most profitable products or risks.
  • The heightened regulatory requirements necessitates that financial institutions must conduct extensive risk assessments of both internal and external factors. Through aggregation of data reporting, financial services are able to implement risk management strategies to ensure compliance.
  • The identification of corporate ‘Value Data’ across the business will help identify where process change can be made to increase efficiency.