Adult & Child Social Care

Aiimi Local Government solutions are designed to accelerate the deployment of line of business solutions on top of corporate document management platforms, thereby increasing the value of the investment beyond the typical use cases of reducing physical storage and increasing compliance.

Within Local Government, much emphasis is put on improving the care services for the local community, and preventing issues before they reach crisis point. All too often early intervention is missed due to mismanagement of information – the right people not having access to the right information at the right time.

Aiimi’s Adult and Child Social care solutions focus on managing this critical information relating to individuals with social care needs. The solution allows councils to capture, store and manage the case file for each service user; and combine the numerous different sources (email, paper files, shared drives) into a single place creating one view of the information. The lifecycle and distribution of information within a case file needs to be strictly controlled, and our solution ensures that sensitive information can be viewed by intended parties only. Integration of our solution into existing social care systems provides the user with enhanced functionality from a document management platform whilst still working in their main line of business application; and metadata from this application can be tagged to the relevant content.

The solution includes facilities for scanning paper files relating to the case file, creation of a case based folder structure, unique case file reference number, controlled permissions and retention model and full audit information.