Housing Repairs & Compliance

Aiimi Local Government solutions are designed to accelerate the deployment of line of business solutions on top of core information management and data driven platforms. Aiimi enables organisations to identify and deliver the most valuable information assets to their staff and citizens.

As some of the largest landlords in the UK Local Government recognise the importance of managing their housing portfolios to ensure the best possible service to their citizens. As a provider of housing to their citizens, councils have a responsibility to ensure that these properties are kept in a state of good repair and that all aspects of the properties are compliant with appropriate regulatory standards.

Aiimi recognise the issues faced with managing a large estate of properties. The Aim housing repairs and compliance solution allows councils to access all data and information relating to properties through a single view. 

Visibility – single view of property data

  • A view into disparate data sources
  • A richer set of property categorisations
  • Single view into extended details of properties over time (physical assets, roof type, risk register, etc.)
  • A repository for long-term secure storage and retrieval of electronic copies of certificates
  • Alerting and reporting based on certification expiry dates

Reportingnew set of business measures:

  • Focus on providing insight for alerting and reporting around contractor performance and internal staff performance.
  • Greater focus on reporting and ‘by exception’, whereby the system will flag problem Properties / Work Orders/ Contractors according to defined criteria so that these can be pinpointed and actioned.

Efficiency significant time and cost savings:

  • Will provide self-sufficiency and a significant reduction in the dependency on IT
  • Will provide a fast and responsive means of accessing all of the data and to answer queries related to housing repairs
  • Provide clear data and detail in relation to performance and cost base of contractors
  • Will provide the ability to pass the responsibility for certificate submission directly to the Contractors removing a known significant process bottleneck within Council
  • Will automatically trigger a pre-defined chain of notification events, powered by a scheduling engine

Risk Awareness and Mitigation – decreasing overall risk exposure to the business:

  • Provide Alerts and Reports will now focus on highlighting contractor and council staff performance issues by exception
  • Will proactively highlight upcoming certificate expiry dates
  • Will provide a fully auditable history of both the electronic certificate content and related metadata
  • Will provide a means to obtain answers to and supporting data for any questions relating to certification and compliance history
  • Will provide a means to export electronic certificate content and related metadata

In summary, the Housing Repairs and Compliance solution will provide a single view of data and information on properties to your staff and contractors. 

The process of online collaboration and submission of compliance documentation provides councils with significant efficiency saving and allow the councils to proactively manage each property and each contractor. The solution provides an integrated reporting dashboard and compliance certificates platform, that is accessed through one single point driving better service to your citizens and significant cost savings to the council.