Records Management in Local Government

Aiimi Local Government solutions are designed to increase the value of the investment beyond the typical use cases of reducing physical storage and increasing compliance.

Within local government, legal and regulatory requirements demand that public authorities keep certain records for specific periods of time. In some government fields, records need to be kept private for long periods before they may be released to the public, such as records released under the Public Records Act.

Many important documents are held as electronic records, and it is vital that these records are classified in such a way as to work effectively with the organisation’s records management strategy. In many records management applications it is also vital that electronic records and their audit trail can be exported from a system that is being decommissioned and imported into its replacement system.

Aiimi work with local authorities, regulatory bodies and other central and local government organisations to design and implement electronic records management programmes to ensure compliance with policy and regulations concerning the retention and disposal of electronic records. Our experienced consultancy team work closely with key stakeholders to design bespoke records management solutions.


  • Provides a structured way to maintain your electronic records
  • Ensures regulatory compliance
  • Reduces audit and litigation risks
  • Cost and efficiency savings in both infrastructure and staff time