Tree Preservation Orders

Aiimi Local Government solutions are designed to accelerate the deployment of line of business solutions on top of corporate EDRMS platforms, thereby increasing the value of the investment beyond the typical use cases of reducing physical storage and increasing compliance. Each department within a council has specific and unique information management requirements that our solutions address. Aiimi solutions can be used as pre-packaged drop in products, or the basis for a bespoke solution.

Aiimi’s Document Management solution for Tree Preservation Orders allows councils to capture, store and manage Tree Preservation Orders and supporting information

Tree Preservation Orders are typically stored in a folder structure that denotes the year and the Tree Preservation Order (TPO) number. The solution includes facilities for scanning supporting documentation, creation of unique TPO numbers and storage of metadata regarding the preservation order.

We provide automatic naming of TPO files, and labelling with key metadata:

  • TPO Number
  • TPO Title
  • TPO Description
  • TPO Date Made
  • TPO Date Confirmed
  • Ward
  • Parish
  • Grounds for TPO

Our database lookup facility allows retrieval of lookup data from other line of business systems, or existing TPO databases.

We can also record the publishing status of TPO’s stored within the system and through our web services API’s, enable publishing of TPO’s to the council website.