Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance has differing meanings and impact for each individual industry sector. On the one hand this could simply be an audit of information or security access, on the other hand it could be an entire centrally regulated process comprising of audit, security, approval, process automated, governance, retention, protection and in some cases public transparency.

Furthermore, regardless of the industry sector, organisations and individuals are coming under increasing pressure to meet compliance standards, whether enforced by external regulations or adopted and defined by internal operations for business efficiency and governance.

Aiimi adopts an Enterprise Information Management approach to compliance and regulation. The Information Management Strategy needs to enforce the rules, regulations and values set out within an organisations regulatory governance framework.

We believe that by identifying, storing, tagging and regulating key information, providing functionality such as auditable versioning and security, enterprise led metadata controls, defined and governed workflow processes and executed retention schedules, organisations can quickly make inroads into meeting complex and overwhelming regulatory compliance.