Law firms must continually evaluate and update their business processes to remain competitive. They must attract and retain clients, employ top talent, streamline administrative functions, ensure compliance, reduce malpractice risks, improve productivity, and increase revenue. To achieve this, it is necessary have an efficient way to create, access, share, store, retrieve and retain critical information. Law firms also need information management solutions that mitigate information overload, and provide lawyers with secure, anytime-anywhere access to vital information. That’s where Aiimi comes in.

We provide bespoke design, solution analysis, implementation and information management support services to our many clients in the legal sector. These include legal deal management solutions, matter management and contracts management solutions.

Utilising a combination of commercial and open source off-the-shelf products such as Microsoft SharePoint, Elastic Search, OpenText ECM solutions, Kibana and others, we can develop and provide solutions for straightforward intranets, document and records management solutions right through to complex matter management dashboards and solutions that allow you to mine your existing data for precedent information, to help predict win prospects and to identify new business opportunities.

We analyse and consult. We then deliver secure, reliable information management software as a service platforms for law firms.

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