Email Filing

If your legal practice already uses OpenText eDOCS to manage your documentation, Aiimi can help you implement the latest e-mail filing application to greatly enhance the experience of using document management within the Outlook client. Automatically file email, view client and matter information against emails within Outlook and link email content together in conversation threads, using the Marker, E-mail Filing Assistant and E-mail Bulk Filer.

Track emails
By making it easy to track which emails have already been saved, Email Marker ensures that nothing important gets overlooked. It automatically checks the content in the Microsoft Outlook folders and compares it with the content in the document management library. Email Marker then flags saved or non-saved emails with selected colors, moves certain types of emails to selected Outlook folders, and/or automatically changes Outlook categories to selected values, such as Client/Matter, to indicate where the email has been saved. At a glance, fee earners and secretaries can see which client and matter an email has been saved against, even if they are looking at a CC copy of an email saved by another person.

Automatic email filing
Email Auto Filing monitors MS Outlook folders and stores emails in OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition with metadata that has been associated with the Outlook folder. All emails are stored with header fields and thread information as if they were filed with standard DM functionality. The backend process monitors the Outlook folders and copies any new emails to a folder on the server where the email filing service takes over, making sure all messages are stored into DM with metadata and email header fields. This makes saving emails from Outlook into DM very efficient and eliminates user wait time.

Bulk filing of emails
Email Bulk Filing stores multiple emails with the same metadata into the document management library in a single operation. Because the emails are stored in the library’s server, this is a much faster alternative to using standard DM email save functionality, especially when saving a large number of emails into the library. The backend process uses a Windows Service that does not tie up the user’s computer filing emails and allows large volumes of email to be stored without a user waiting for the action to complete. Selected messages are copied into a monitored folder in the server where the email filing service takes over, making sure all messages are correctly stored into DM.

Email filing assistant
By automatically using metadata from previously saved emails, Email Filing Assistant allows your organization to reduce both time and effort spent on message and attachment profiling, while simultaneously facilitating consistent profiling into the DM library. Email Filing Assistant extends the functionality of eDOCS by adding intelligence to the saving dialogue so that metadata such as project, matter, or document type–that previously had to be manually entered–can now be automatically generated.

Document and records management
OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition increases productivity by enabling faster access to content, providing control over metadata classifications, and enabling users to better organize documents; whether it be through the use of folder structures, tailored workspaces, or metadata. Aiimi can also implement a complete Records Management solution to address legal and regulatory issues around records, mitigate business risk, and avoid the costs associated with improper records handling. It also averts the negative consequences that lost or invalid knowledge assets have on the viability of organizations and their decision-making abilities.