Client Collaboration

A common issue that Aiimi sees across many industries is the use of cloud based document sharing platforms such as DropBox to collaborate with third parties, be they clients or other providers. In most cases, this is against the corporate policies in place to protect client and corporate data. In the legal industry this is a particular problem for two reasons. First, the typical firm has a lot of documentation to collaborate on with the client base. Much of the business of the law firm is producing documentation, whether that is contractual documents, or communications and evidence. The law firm holds the information in trust for its customers, which leads on to the second problem; the law firms contractual agreement with the client almost always prohibits the firm from sharing the information with third parties such as the cloud service providers, particularly where that information may end up residing outside UK jurisdictional control. The typical licensing agreement with cloud providers is onerous indeed and transfers the rights to the information shared via that platform to the cloud provider. This is the case for nearly every major cloud provider of collaborative document sharing available on the market today.

Aiimi addresses this by providing Tempo Box, a web enabled on-line document collaboration solution that can be implemented as a black box solution in your firms own data centre, or can be hosted at Aiimi’s secure UK datacentre. Our licensing agreement means that all data in the application is held securely and belongs to you and your clients. The solution provides a mobile client that works on a range of device operating systems including Android, Blackberry and iOS as well as a web interface that can be easily branded for your organisation and a Windows client for those that prefer to have easy drag and drop integration and notifications when document changes are made. Firms can check out documents from their document management system (e.g. eDOCS or Worksite) to a workspace that is shared with their client, securely collaborate on the document there, with audit trail and version control applied and then when finished, check the documents back in to the document management system. Lawyers and secretaries can deliver documentation to and receive documentation from clients without the constraints of email size restrictions.

  • Integrates with a variety of document management solutions
  • Secure
  • Auditable
  • Compliant
  • Version Control
  • Mobile Access
  • Desktop Access
  • Web Access
  • Notifications

Tempo requires licensing for your internal staff only, leaving you free to collaborate with as many clients as you like.

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