“Our vision is of an information revolution in which…health and adult social care information will be liberated from a closed, bureaucratic system in order to serve patients and the public, and to help drive better care, improving outcomes, innovation and the better use of resources. Without fundamental changes to the data being collected and analysed, and the information made available, NHS and adult social care services will be held back in making the progress we all want to see.” (Liberating the NHS: An Information Revolution, Department of Health, 2010)

The NHS Information revolution looks to address the following key questions:

  • Who does information belong to?
  • What role do patients play?
  • What is the need for information based on?
  • How is information collected?
  • How is information shared?
  • Who provides information on quality of services?
  • How are information systems organised?

Aiimi specialises in producing information strategies and implementing electronic content management (ECM) solutions based upon existing information management strategies. We believe that ECM plays an essential role within a modern, integrated care system. ECM solutions make use of modern technology to make health and care services more convenient, accessible and efficient, by:

Allowing stakeholders within health organisations and within the wider care economy to securely and collaboratively manage their content, information and documentation.

Supporting the consistent use of information standards so that information can be recorded once and, where required, shared securely between care providers.

Facilitating a culture and mindset where it becomes normal for us to access personal information easily. As an enterprise information management company with experience and expertise across the public and private sectors, Aiimi are ideally placed to support health and social care organisations improve care & service quality and drive down costs, working towards improved outcomes.