Mobile Casenotes

Aiimi’s Mobile Casenotes application has been developed in conjunction with our partner Blackthorn and utilises a secure, flexible and proven mobile casework application. Our mobile casenotes application offers the following benefits:

  • Improved Productivity – Provide the ability for clinicians and mobile health workers to improve productivity by gaining access to patient and case related data on the move, in multiple locations.
  • Patient Interaction – Rather than sitting behind a desk and a PC, healthcare workers can interact better with the patient using a portable device, making the consultation process more personal, improving the ability of clinical organisations to address some of the key findings of the Caldicott report.
  • Collaboration – The Aiimi Casenotes solution allows fax and email interaction with the patient case file. Consider a consultation with a patient where the clinician realises that the latest test results are not in the file. The clinician calls the hospital or department where the tests were carried out and requests the results to be sent to the case email address. The clinician resumes the consultation and as soon as the test results arrive, they are automatically synchronised with the mobile device. In addition, an entire case can be zipped up and emailed to a specialist for urgent review, along with any notes, pictures or recordings taken during the consultation. The same functionality can be used to support inter disciplinary review meetings.
  • Security – Using Aiimi Casenotes, the clinic or rounds case list is prepared and the day’s cases uploaded electronically to the health worker’s mobile device. No paper records are required, which is particularly useful if a worker is out in the community or working across sites. Device security ensures that lost devices are inaccessible to unauthorised users an can be remote wiped.

With Aiimi Casenotes, you can read the case file, take notes and highlight critical information. You can take dictations, photos and videos. Electronic forms can guide consultations and results can be saved straight to the case file. You can send case information out and receive information in to the case by email.

Aiimi Casenotes ships with it’s own case file and document management application, or integrates with any existing EPR or clinical portal that supports web services.