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Aiimi believes Business Intelligence (BI) must be at the heart of an organisation’s operation, monitoring the impact of change and alerting management when action is required. BI forms the baseline for transformation, allowing a business to become more efficient and provide a better service.

Effective business decisions must be based on trusted, robust and accurate information, acquired through meticulous data integration, quality assurance and analysis. BI is also increasingly relied upon to deliver compliance with regulatory mandates and legislative issues.

Aiimi offers extensive BI knowledge and expertise to clients at every stage of the process, from data warehousing through to advanced modelling, ETL, analytics, and the production of dashboards and reports.

Our BI goals extend beyond this. We strive to refine and innovate using leading technologies and techniques, to deliver the highest levels of consistency, timeliness, quality and accuracy.



Aiimi begins Microsoft BI work with UK health insurance company

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