The journey to effective Enterprise information management is made up of many parts. Aiimi helps you understand where you are on this journey and reveal what role information plays in your business. Our strategy helps identify what you want to achieve through better information management, and enable you to achieve it.

Aiimi’s Enterprise Information Management approach -  

  • Aligns with your existing IT and information strategies
  • Provides an EIM governance framework
  • Manages your business information across the information lifecycle
  • Help you to define - and own - your information vision
  • Sets strategic direction for managing your information vision
  • Implements information systems to deliver this vision
  • Turns your information into an asset  

Our Enterprise Information Management services include -

  • Data management
  • Content management
  • Business intelligence
  • Mobile
  • Collaboration/social
  • Business process management/workflow
  • Digital
  • Customer and employee  

We help you to define your desired Enterprise Information Management strategic outcomes and design Enterprise Information Management solutions that deliver them. The result? Everyone who needs information gets the right information sooner. Everyone benefits.