Technical Delivery

Technology transformation is a key enabler in driving value from any organisations information assets. The Aiimi team are skilled delivery consultants certified in delivery of our technology partners solutions.

Application Development

Our development capability is design led, focussing on the user experience first and our developers utilise a combination of .Net and Java to both extend and customise existing applications as well as develop complete solutions. The solutions that we have developed include for example a cloud hosted “One View of a Citizen” portal for a local authority which allows contact centre staff to have a single view of all interactions for a citizen with the council when they call in and a Charter Contract Management application for use in the shipping industry. Our solutions use a combination of ground up development along with commercial and open source components e.g. Elastic Search, Microstrategy / Microsoft reporting tools, Google Maps and Documentcloud. We also develop solutions that are used by multiple customers and directly supported or hosted by us, including application management and monitoring solutions, migration tools, authentication directory management applications and master data management tools.

Our .Net development practices are based on the latest Microsoft development standards and utilise Entity Framework, responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript version 5, and modern web technologies such as jQuery and ASP.NET MVC3 as defined under the Microsoft Silk guidelines.

Our development team are all certified in one or more different development technologies and practices and we specifically certify all of our developers in one or more of the .NET professional certifications, including Content & Collaboration, .Net Development, HTML 5 development and Azure development.