User Experience & Data Driven Design

Aiimi practices a User Centred Design methodology, which is participatory and iterative - gone are the days of the hero designer locking themselves away in a room, with a big reveal months later. Input and feedback from the business, stakeholders and the end-users is sought and encouraged throughout an engagement. We increasingly find that a successful outcome relies on more than a good product alone - we also need to win the hearts and minds of the workforce and project sponsors. A participatory approach ensures that people are engaged and open to change. 

No two engagements are the same and we find that a flexible process is needed with our client base, however, a typical approach would involve the following high level steps:


The goal here is to understand the strategy, business objectives and the end-users. A variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques are deployed including discovery workshops, user shadowing (field visits), playback sessions, user surveys, interviews, data analysis, information flows, benchmarking and persona development.


This phase is always collaborative - early concepts will be put in front of users and stakeholders to get their feedback and input. Ideas are tested, refined and iterated as we move from early-stage concepts through to more finished clickable wireframes, or interactive prototypes. 


High-fidelity versions of the product can be designed and validated with stakeholders and end-users, without necessarily needing all the data sources in place. As development continues and increasingly functional builds of the product become available, additional usability testing is performed.

Aiimi’s UX team helps ensure that people engage with products and information in the simplest and most effective manner - get in touch to find out more.