EIM the urgent issue

Enterprise information management has experienced a significant shift in the past 20 years. Previously we have dedicated resource to meticulously making sure all relevant information is to hand, by indexing, offering secure storage and efficient retrieval over its lifetime. Now content management and communication tools enable us to all too easily create information on the fly. Through the assumption of endless capacity, we’ve become obsessive hoarders; drowning in our own data, blind to what is there, and paralysed with indecision. How is it that we have allowed technology to turn us into a generation of zombie like squirrels, incessantly harvesting information, with no plan as to how we will use it to our advantage? The recent arrival of the era of big data has only accelerated the need for all organisations to accept that information is now a strategic imperative.

Big data management demands a new paradigm in human behaviour and how we think about these assets at all levels of the organisation. It has become critical to move fast before it spirals out of control before the volume of disconnected ‘content and data’ threatens to bury us alive, every leader is faced with a clear choice:

  • Will you continue with your hoarding tendencies and exist in a culture of chaos and maintenance?
  • Or will you impose your own mandate to undertake the reflective and self-critical path that leads to true business process improvement?

At Aiimi, we believe that organisations need a business wide information champion who is not tasked with reacting to problems, but with offering vision. Aiimi’s EIM strategic consulting, offers a guiding hand to support the behavioural shifts needed to bring about the kinds of change, that software alone cannot. Our team, approach and resources help our customers give information the respect it is worth, demonstrating that data and content can be beautiful if given the right surroundings and is responsibly managed throughout its lifecycle. We help our customers to discover the hidden potential of their information, turning the elusive and improbable into obvious and inevitable.