Aiimi’s goal is to work with organisations to develop a sustainable information management strategy, transforming their business by enabling employees to leverage the value and power of the information assets they use, to do their work.

Our first step is to understand what information is required to run the business, enabling the entire executive team to drive operations, monitor performance and measure productivity through an agreed set of key performance indicators. This allows us to benchmark an organisation’s current information management position.

Information doesn’t change the world, people do. Not only do we make information available, we help people find it. We help create a strategic vision which empowers leaders to create change that their people believe in.

Technology is a vital enabler of transformation, and our agnostic approach helps organisations to maximise investment in existing software and infrastructure. More importantly, key opportunities are uncovered to enable your organisation to create new applications, solutions and products to drive new behaviour and support change required to fulfil the vision.

Information throughout its lifecycle can be Acquired, Conceived, Captured, Searched, Collaborated, Analysed, Disclosed and ultimately Divested. With appropriate preservation, retention and destruction policies, we help organisations be decisive about data, allowing you to eliminate what you don’t need. Now you can be sustainable and avoid hoarding into the ever-growing corporate information land fill.

For BAU we define a series of metrics that organisations can measure and benchmark themselves against. These can be used to set improvement targets, monitor progress, and measure return on investment and total cost of ownership. It is essential that we measure, monitor and manage information, helping us to tackle barriers to adoption and ensuring we continually improve as your business evolves.