Aiimi helps you make quick work of GDPR

With our expert consultancy, next-generation technology and UX-led design, Aiimi can help you find personal data and mitigate risks quickly and effectively.

Not only can we help you find information you never knew you had (including data in the form of videos, images, audio, databases and spreadsheets), we’ll work with your organisation to develop a long-term, sustainable GDPR strategy.

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Putting people at the heart of your GDPR strategy

The GDPR is intended to make your customers and employees feel safe. By taking an honest, open approach, you can turn the GDPR into an opportunity to show them just how much you value their data.

When you choose Aiimi’s fast-start approach, we’ll ensure your customer and employee data is safe while helping you respond promptly to subject access requests. We’ll also help your employees, partners and suppliers to prepare for the change by providing all the training and consultancy they need.

And giving them the technology they need

With InsightMaker, our powerful GDPR visualisation app, you can give anyone in your organisation the power to scan, locate and manage personal data in an instant. InsightMaker helps you contain, investigate and get rid of personal information quickly and effectively.


Ready to get started?

Proof of Tech

InsightMaker Only

Ideal as a proof of concept or for businesses needing a second opinion

  • Discover personal data within specific pools of data (<50gb)
  • Analyse the findings see the GDPR risks in a simple matrix
  • Lay the foundation in case you choose to scale up your strategy

Targeted Fix

InsightMaker and Consultancy

Best for businesses with specific customer-focused departments

  • Discover personal data on a system or across a whole business area*
  • See a break-down of your GDPR risks in a simple matrix
  • Take action with a view to making that data defensible
  • Develop a long-term strategy to become GDPR-compliant
  • Test if you’re ready to respond to SARs

* Data volume and data types to be agreed

Enterprise & Monitoring

InsightMaker and Consultancy

Scale up your solution to your whole organisation

  • Requires Targeted Fix
  • Discover personal data across your whole enterprise and on all platforms*
  • See a breakdown of your Enterprise GDPR risks in a dashboard
  • Receive a scalable strategy with a long-term view to becoming compliant
  • Provision of resources to support the implementation plan
  • Test to see if you’re ready to respond to SARs
  • Ongoing access to InsightMaker monitoring ensures compliance-by-design
  • Digital GDPR policy book included

* Upon completion of Targeted Fix phase

Please note: Any requirements determined by the enterprise discovery process will require further consultation after agreement of next steps

Learn why good information management techniques are the key to unlocking the full potential of your data.

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