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How Anglian Water rises to their AMP challenges... and wins

Through continued partnership with Aiimi, Anglian Water are now in a great position to harness next-generation AI technologies and meet the requirements of AMP7.

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Anglian Water



Here’s how Anglian Water are championing data to achieve their business goals.

In its drive to conserve our planet’s most precious commodity and achieve AMP targets, Anglian Water joined forces with Aiimi. Together, we’re unlocking the full potential of data-driven insights and embracing a user-centric experience. To find out how, download our case study report now.


The Challenge

Achieving AMP6 and GDPR targets called on Anglian Water to leverage all data and information across its entire enterprise. Tackling these regulatory challenges demanded unified and fully-accessible data assets and a laser-focused business plan.

Aiimi and Anglian Water teamed up – and stepped up to the challenge. Knitting together siloed business units and systems presented the first hurdle. The next step called for a carefully engineered company vision and progressive data strategy, laying the foundations for a successful partner alliance. The final obstacle demanded insightful investment in tools and applications to deliver a smooth, user-focused approach.

Our Solution

Aiimi helped Anglian Water take a step back, craft a new strategic vision with data at its heart, and invest heavily in new technological capabilities. This anchored an adaptable business plan to resolve AMP and GDPR regulatory challenges, future-proofing the company.

Our agile, user-centric approach enabled cross-functional teams to deliver tried and tested solutions. In collaboration with Anglian Water, we developed an Information Charter and Policy Book, worked out where its data could add most worth, and invested in data science and analytics to get match fit for AMP6 and AMP7.

Through these joint efforts and R&D, we created the Aiimi Insight Engine to answer complex industry-specific problems and help address Ofwat ODIs. Our Insight Engine technology brings business value across compliance, GDPR discovery, operations, and maintenance use cases.

The Results

Anglian Water is readily operationalising its data to uncover problems and respond to risks in real-time. The enterprise is achieving better business outcomes and securing industry best-practice accolades. On this bedrock, we’re all set to embark on Anglian Water’s £24m Data & Digital Services Framework – and accomplish AMP7.

Together, we found 30 areas where data could be most effective, setting up pilot EIM projects. Structuring data within one EIM platform reduced Category 3 events (affecting statistics) to Category 4 (no impact). Data-driven tactical strategies ensured a continual water supply to customers during Beast from the East, while improved evidence capture propelled its Pollutions app to outperform the AMP6 serviceability assessment.

Tasked with improving asset performance, customer information, and leakage management during AMP7, Anglian Water will continue their partnership with Aiimi to embrace data-driven strategies to face down future challenges, manage risk, and elevate the user and customer experiences.

Anglian Water and Aiimi have been working together successfully for over six years. In fact, they are undeniably at the heart of how we've driven data and digital capabilities in recent times. Our relationship with Aiimi is stronger than ever. We are about to embark on a further four-year minimum journey together with our new Data & Digital Services Framework.

Matt Edwards, Chief Data Officer at Anglian Water Services
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