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Categorising over 400 million documents for Jaguar Land Rover

A recent study by the International Data Corporation revealed that an average employee is unproductive for up to half of every working day.

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Jaguar Land Rover


    The Challenge

    In the last five years Jaguar Land Rover saw a 400% data growth. With 40,000 employees spread across 43,000 Active Directory groups, this information was scattered across their organisation with no central place to access it.

    Over 400 million documents were stored on a single network share with no classification, no metadata and inconsistent naming conventions. Some files consisted of multiple sub-folders, and one sub-folder contained nearly 300,000 documents. Not only was their information stored across various departmental systems, but some was hidden away on individual computers or in cloud-based systems that weren’t controlled by IT. Since most systems only allowed you to search by file name, many documents simply couldn’t be found. This meant that employees were spending time looking for files that didn’t exist, replicating information that already existed, or looking for files they didn’t have the right to see (but would help them do their work) due to the way security was implemented. As one employee put it: “A lot of the time it's easier to ask someone you know in the team that owns the document than it is to find the document yourself.” Was there a better way we could create a unified search experience across all repositories, so their employees could find the information they needed, the moment they needed it?

    Our Solution

    It quickly became clear that what Jaguar Land Rover needed was enterprise search. Their research led them to Elastic, who had a good track record of working with reputable companies.

    Initially they tried downloading the Elastic software and using it on their own, but they found ourselves struggling. When they approached Elastic for advice, they referred Jaguar Land Rover to the UK’s Elastic partner, Aiimi. Together, we formed a Club that included JLR, Rolls-Royce and Anglian Water – and created the enterprise search platform InsightMaker, which is underpinned by Elastic technology. (Jaguar Land Rover’s branded version of InsightMaker is called Information Discovery). Information Discovery crawls through all the files in their systems, enriching them with metadata. This information is sorted, categorised and stored, so when an employee searches for a particular document, they can find it immediately instead of trawling manually through file after file. By enriching and classifying the information, users can automatically see previously hidden links between information, dramatically shortening the time it takes to find the content they need. It even has a GDPR function, so employees can access sensitive information only if they have the privilege to see it.

    The Results

    On a good day, Information Discovery returns 65% of searches within a second. This means Jaguar Land Rover’s workforce is better able to access the information they’re looking for immediately, increasing productivity.

    This should also decrease the number of duplicate files created since employees are better able to find the exact documents they’re looking for. We’re excited to be working on the next version of Information Discovery that will include new features such as image classification, which extracts metadata from images so they become searchable within the index. This will be particularly helpful to employees such as engineers who will be able to access images such as engine designs when they need them. We’re also working on unstructured data analysis in order to understand who is producing content about which topics, so we can better help people connect with stakeholders across the business. Duplicate information is cumbersome and confusing within a network file, so another feature we’re creating is an archiving function where employees can directly delete, move or update files that are old or duplicates within Information Discovery, in order to free up space and organise files. We look forward to what the future holds.

    These tools are going to have a massive impact on the people working in a complex and fast-moving organisation; the contribution you've all made cannot be overstated. Thank you!

    Dave Hird, Data Technology & Services Director at Jaguar Land Rover
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