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Managing 120K export control documents a week for Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce were able to process their outstanding backlog of work 13 times quicker than before the solution was put into place.

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Client Overview



    The Challenge

    Aiimi have had a data science team embedded within Rolls-Royce since 2017, supporting their MoD Submarine Asset Maintenance and Utilisation Programme. Recently they asked us to help them categorise and secure their documents so they would abide by GDPR regulation, and be able to efficiently access the files they needed.

    Our Solution

    Using InsightMaker, we discovered, enriched and searched through 120K documents a week, a marked rise from the processing rate of 500 documents a week Rolls-Royce had before they used InsightMaker.

    The Results

    After the solution was put into place, the overall team of twenty were able to process the outstanding backlog of work thirteen times quicker than before.

    This was because 70% of the work was now automatically classified as not subject to export control, and therefore required no manual processing. The other 30% that was classified as 'possibly' subject to export control could now be manually processed more efficiently, reducing these cases from an average of 35 minutes to 5 minutes.

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