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InsightMaker uses AI and machine learning to automatically discover personal data, classify information and take action for GDPR compliance.

In 2018, we believed we were compliant with GDPR. However, a lot of our customer data was in an unstructured format, residing on network drives or in emails. We believe that, under GDPR, we had an obligation to make sure that this data was taken as seriously as the data in our operational systems.

- Ross Easterby, Data Governance Manager, Wesleyan

Like many organisations, you most likely responded to GDPR in May 2018 by introducing a ‘people, processes and policies’ approach.

This is a great start – but on its own it’s not a watertight solution. What about the masses of information you generated before you implemented these policies? With the information and data in your company growing exponentially year on year, how can you create privacy by default?

Protects your business in three steps


Storage & Risk Overview

Rapidly audit any content management system to find risky files. Mark files as sensitive on a low, medium and high scale. See exactly what files you have, where they are stored, which are high risk, which contain personal data and who currently has access to what.


Take Action

Flag files to be quarantined, migrated, archived and deleted.

Change permissions of files & assign to administrators for review.

Mark files containing personal data as “Safe” or “Sensitive.


Monitor & Report

Create metrics-based reports showing real-time exposure to risk.

Run progress reports and alert against SLAs.

Create reports to comply with DSAR requests.

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Works with compliance in mind.

There are 99 articles in the GDPR. Here’s a selection of our favourites and how InsightMaker can help you address them.

Article 15

Right of access by the data subject

  • Identify what personal data you hold on a data subject and how you process it
  • See an enterprise view of personal data held across your systems

Article 16

Right to rectification

  • Identify where inaccurate personal data is stored and processed

Article 17

Right to erasure and “to be forgotten”

  • Mark files for deletion in response to a Data Subject Access Request
  • Define rules to mark data for deletion in line with your retention policies

Article 25

Data protection by design and default

  • Ensure that employees are following your policies and process for managing personal
  • Continually monitor your approach

Article 30

Records of processing activities

  • Supports the accurate capture of your processing activities
  • See an enterprise view of personal data held across your systems

InsightMaker in action

Next-generation technology, at your fingertips

DSAR in a few simple clicks

Easily create an exportable collection of files for DSAR requests. Quarantine, move or delete files according to the request within your 30-day response period, and create monthly reports about any changes you make.

Triangulation of Risk

Automatically calculate whether your files are low, medium or high risk. For instance, InsightMaker will give a document which can only be accessed by a handful of users and contains just one piece of low-risk personal data a low risk profile. In contrast, InsightMaker recognises that a collection of documents which are accessible to the whole organisation and contain personal bank details presents a high risk for breach.

Permissions Trimming

Restrict who sees which files at massive scale. Flag files by low, medium and high risk, so only those files that should be visible can be accessed.

Range of connectors

InsightMaker comes pre-built with the most popular content management and information repository connectors. Our open connector development kit enables rapid creation of new connectors for the applications you need.

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Using machine learning, InsightMaker crawls through your files and adds metadata to give them context. This means material that was previously inaccessible can suddenly be useful again, and previously hidden relationships between data can now be made visible.

More than just compliance

At Aiimi we take a holistic approach to compliance, helping you to create a comprehensive information management solution that supports your long-term business goals too. Whether it’s creating an enterprise content management strategy, migrating files to the cloud or using data analytics to move from prototype to production faster – InsightMaker can help you get bottom-line value from the combined information within your organisation.

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Latest whitepaper

It's GDPR, but not as we know it.

Compliance is important - we all know that. But how can leaders use GDPR as an opportunity to proactively transform their businesses, increase data transparency and protect their customers?

InsightMaker helps your entire business

Business decisions are often collaborative, involving more than one leader from different fields with different business goals. That’s why InsightMaker for GDPR & Compliance can bring tangible value to a range of business leaders:

  • CIO

  • CISO

  • Head of Risk

  • Head of Legal

  • DPO/Head of a Department

  • Enterprise Architect

CIO Problem

“Our storage costs are rising and the business needs to move to the Cloud where possible, but we have no clear view of exactly what information we have, or where it’s located.”

InsightMaker Solution

  • Lowers storage costs
  • Helps migrate and manage legacy data from on premises to the cloud
  • Helps validate and streamline your software licensing (e.g. Reveals if you’ve got 100 people using Teams, but you’re paying for 200 licenses)
  • A consolidated view of information across all your enterprise systems

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