We're delighted to announce that we have secured a five-year extension with Anglian Water for our software platform InsightMaker. InsightMaker will use the latest machine learning and AI to help Anglian Water provide asset validation within Operations & Maintenance, easily find site and equipment information within SAP, and streamline the generation of PCI reports.

Anglian Water has worked with Aiimi since the beginning of AMP6 on a range of data and digital services including improving customer service, driving efficiency and reducing their leakage impact on the environment. Mark Froggatt, Head of Solutions at Anglian Water’s @one Alliance, said

“We are looking forward to investing further in Aiimi’s cutting-edge technology. Working with InsightMaker over the next five years will help us deliver our services at maximum efficiency, right across our business.”

This commitment is even more important with COVID-19 impacting the current business climate. InsightMaker’s digital offering will be a huge boost to Anglian Water’s capabilities, helping them maintain smooth operations in areas such as their call centres, despite having reduced capacity. Powerful enterprise search capabilities will be rolled out across the business, putting valuable information into the hands of all employees and alliances, no matter what role they perform or where they do their work.

One of InsightMaker’s value-adds is its ability to validate assets in Operations & Maintenance. Using enterprise search, employees will be able to easily find any information they need about Anglian Water sites or equipment within SAP and see any related documents that may help them work more productively. Whereas before, employees had to manually search through various repositories to dig out relevant manuals, they will now be able to intuitively find the information they need, use any related documents that may help them, and ensure they are storing the correct records of data in SAP that relate to particular assets such as water pumps.

Steve Salvin, CEO of Aiimi, said

“I’m excited that Anglian Water will continue to work alongside our research and development team, bringing us new ideas and real business necessity that always drives innovation.”

The water company will continue to be a key player in InsightMaker’s evolution, influencing its roadmap and acting as a product owner of the platform alongside other leading organisations in manufacturing and financial services.

To find out more about InsightMaker, please go to www.aiimi.com/insightmaker