Here at Aiimi, we like to make the most of working in London. We have an active social scene in the evenings but we also like to make the most of London at lunchtimes. After all, why stay in the office eating at our desks when there’s the chance to explore London every day? For the price of a ‘Pret’ sandwich and a packet of crisps we can go out and sample cuisine from all around the world.

Here are some of our recommendations for exciting, interesting and tasty lunch places:

(all located within 20 minutes’ walk from the Aiimi offices on Upper Thames St)

Name: Vita Mojo

Location: Near St Paul’s Cathedral - 22 Carter Lane

Postcode: EC4V 5AD

Cuisine: British/Fusion/Clean Eating

Odd name, strange concept! Fully customizable meals cooked to order and ready in minutes. Very healthy and tasty. Using the iPads provided, you create your own order: Choose your protein, side dishes and sauce. Adjust the quantities of each ingredient, and tailor to suit your budget or hunger.

Favourite Dish: Organic crispy polenta squares with sage and onion, broccoli & kale puree with hints of nutmeg, green pea salad and oven-baked turkey meatballs.

Approx cost: £7

Name: Nusa

Location : 128 Queen Victoria St / 88 Cannon St

Postcode: EC4V 4BJ / EC4N 6HT

Cuisine: South East Asian

A small chain of shops offering a selection of spicy Malaysian dishes – big portions; plenty of meat/fish accompanied by delicious sauces. They also do soups.

Favourite Dish: Slow cooked Beef Rendang, coconut rice and Asian slaw

Approx cost: £7

Name: Porterford Butchers

Location: 72 Watling St

Postcode: EC4M 9BJ

Cuisine: Meat - any!

High quality, hot, cooked meat stuffed into a large baguette. ‘Nuff said.

Favourite Dish: Caribbean chicken baguette

Approx cost: £5

Name: Protein-Haus

Location: One New Change - 82 Watling Street

Postcode: EC4M 9BX

Cuisine: Healthy

Don’t be put off by all the protein shakes and whey powder, this place offers a range of freshly cooked, super-healthy, nutritious meals.

Favourite Dish: Steamed chicken breast, green beans, sweet-potato mash

Approx cost: £7

The Pub option

Name: The Punch-Tavern

Location: 99 Fleet St, London, EC4Y 1DE - The Strand

Postcode: EC4Y 1DE

Cuisine: Traditional British

A good, old-fashioned pub that serves hearty pies. Ideal Friday Pub option! They do a mean Sunday roast too.

Favourite Dish: Steak and doom bar ale with chips and vegetables

Approx cost: £6 (Friday lunchtime deal)

Street Markets

London is renowned for its street markets. Here are a few suggestions:

Leather Lane

Operates daily.

An entire street full of stalls offering a wide range of cuisines. Also includes the famous Daddy Donkey and Pieminster restaurants.

Guildhall Yard

Operates on specific dates only:

Thursday 8 Mar 2018
Wednesday 25 April 2018
Thursday 17 May 2018
Thursday 21 Jun 2018
Thursday 19 Jul 2018

Hard to understand why it’s on so infrequently when it’s so good – up to 20 stalls offering dishes from around the world. Keep an eye out for the occasional beer festival too.

Paternoster Square

Operates the last Tuesday of every month.

Get there early to avoid the queues!

One New Change – opposite St Pauls

Operates every Friday and every other Wednesday

Not so much a street market more of an area where a few stalls and vans operate. The “Napoli on the Road” Pizza van sell pizza that is as good as anything from Franco-Manca. The “L’Amuse Bouche” stall sell savoury French galettes and crepes that are delicious, especially if you like plenty of cheese and garlic!

In this blog, we have recommended a range of places to try for lunch - enough to choose a different cuisine each day of the week. So, the final score is London 5 - Desk 0!

So, if want to join us on our lunchtimes and work for a sociable, friendly company, do please get in touch.