Following on from the huge success of my last food-related blog, here’s another list of our recommendations for those who are willing to walk a bit further for their lunch! The suggestions below are all located south of the river and within 25 minutes’ walk from the Aiimi offices on Upper Thames St.

Name: Ma’s Kitchen

Location: Opposite Southwark Tube station

Postcode: SE1 8JZ

Cuisine: Various

A small and friendly rotisserie offering sandwiches and a range of hot, home cooked style lunches. All meals come with a range of vegetables or salads. Their all-day breakfast is huge and delicious.

Favourite Dish: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, roast vegetables, broccoli with a lemon/olive oil dressing and hot peri-peri sauce

Approx cost: £8

Name: Ecco - Express Coffee Co.

Location: Lower Marsh ‘The Cut’ behind Waterloo station

Postcode: SE1 7AB

Cuisine: Italian

A completely unassuming cafe that serves really good pizza. Nothing fancy just simple, tasty, cheap pizza.

Favourite Dish: Margherita

Approx cost: £5

Name: Go Go Pocha

Location: Lower Marsh ‘The Cut’ behind Waterloo station

Postcode: SE1 7RG

Cuisine: Korean

Tucked away on The Cut is a small, cool, café offering fantastically authentic and tasty Korean food. Eat-in to get a free side dish of pickled seaweed and a bowl of miso soup with your meal. Best of all, they play Korean hip-hop! Cash-only.

Favourite Dish: Fried spicy pork with vegetables and rice

Approx cost: £6

Name: Cubana

Location: Lower Marsh ‘The Cut’ behind Waterloo station

Postcode: SE1 7RG

Cuisine: Cuban

A cool, funky Cuban restaurant and bar that, during the summer months, runs a street food stall offering absolutely delicious, authentic and generous takeaway meals.

Favourite Dish: Pollo criollo (casseroled in fresh orange, onions and sherry) served with plantain and black bean rice

Approx cost: £6

The Pub option

Name: The Lord Nelson Pub

Location: Opposite Southwark Tube station

Postcode: SE1 0LR

Cuisine: British

An eclectic student pub that serves the biggest, most inventive/crazy burgers including a horse burger called ‘The Blazing Saddles’! Ideal Friday pub lunch location.

Favourite Dish: The Full Nelson – Beef burger topped with sausage, fried egg, bacon, mushrooms and cheese

Approx cost: £12

Street Markets

London is renowned for its street markets. Here’s two for the Southbank area

Lower Marsh

Operates daily

Another street lined with food stalls for all tastes

SouthBank Centre

Fridays only – from 12pm

A bit touristy and busy but a great range of dishes from around the world

In this follow-up blog, I’ve suggested a range of some fantastic places to eat lunch in the Southwark area. Enjoy!

If you would like to join us on our lunchtime trips and work for a sociable, friendly company, do please get in touch.