AI & Automation

We use machine learning platforms and automation to manage your information, predicting what you’re looking for so it's there waiting for you.

As data volumes get bigger and analysis gets more complex, it makes sense to create systems at work that take care of the heavy lifting for you, predicting what you’re looking for before you even realise you need it.

That’s why we’ve integrated automation and machine learning in our platform – Aiimi Insight Engine – so it can learn from search patterns and serve users the exact information they need, when they need it. But it's not just the Aiimi Insight Engine – we've introduced automation in the systems our data scientists use to test algorithms and make accurate predictions about data, in our data dashboards that display business’ insights, and in the systems we use to classify and manage files across network drives. The result? Employees collaborate better, work more efficiently and make better business decisions.

Aiimi has provided invaluable support to the business and technical team on the CBI project throughout the year. They have always been willing to work with the team on both the technical and business side to understand the issue and help find a resolution…their professionalism is always very evident!


AI & Automation Services

Data Ingestion

Acquire and cleanse structured and unstructured data in batch and real-time velocity from an array of internal and external sources

Data Factories and Lakes

We search data stores and repositories to aggregate, enrich, process, and efficiently supply clean data for analytical purposes, to address key business issues or identify new business opportunities.

Business Intelligence Applications

We deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical insights as reports, ad hoc queries and dashboards for operational management reporting at enterprise scale

Visualisation and Data Discovery

We provide tools and expertise to make complex information and data sets understandable through rich visual formats that are insightful and actionable

User Experience and Design

Ensuring the success of digital solutions by creating a user experience customised to specific needs of individuals and the organization

Enterprise MobileEnterprise Mobile

We enable mobile working by supporting analysis and capture across all device platforms and operating systems.

Digital Experiences

We are experts in end-to-end concept development and design

Data & Analytics

Whether you're designing the most efficient engines possible, classifying customer complaint emails or creating a map of the pumps in your water network - we'll use your data insights to spot patterns in your network and know exactly what the problem is, how things went wrong, where the problem is and how to fix it. This means managers can make precise, evidence-based decisions on how to run your business at maximum efficiency, acting pro-actively and always staying one step ahead of your competition


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