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Talent is useless without action. Using the latest technology and data science expertise, we take your valuable information and create intelligent predictions that help you avoid risks and make the most of the assets you own.

The power of data is in its interpretation. Our analytics process enables that by applying machine learning, predictive modelling, statistics, and advanced visualisation. We access actionable insights from data sets with techniques such as predictive modelling, machine learning, pattern recognition and text mining.

We extract concepts and relationships from various data streams to generate new insights and find near real-time answers hidden within a mass of information through cognitive analysis and correlation.

Amplify Insight Services

Predictive Analytics

Using data and machine learning algorithms, we simulate the consequences of risk before events happen, so you know the most efficient way to prepare and manage what the future might hold.

Data mining

We examine large amounts of data to discover patterns, information that can be used for further analysis to help answer complex business questions and form proactive strategies. With data mining software, you can sift through all the chaotic and repetitive noise, pinpoint what's relevant, use that information to assess likely outcomes, and then accelerate the pace of change by making better-informed decisions.

Machine Learning

We can quickly and automatically produce models that can analyse bigger, more complex data and deliver faster, more accurate results. And by building precise models, an organisation has a better chance of identifying profitable opportunities – or avoiding potential risks.

Text mining

We analyse text data from the web, comment fields, books and other text-based sources to uncover new insights.


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