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We use the latest technology to help you create, store, share and get insights from the combined knowledge of your organisation.

Decision making becomes more informed. Businesses become more confident and robust. People become happier.

Managing tens of thousands or sometimes billions of files across your business can be complex, so it makes sense to use the best software and strategies to get the job done. We take a holistic approach to managing your information, using our expertise from data management, information architecture, business intelligence and enterprise search to create a solution that works for you. We steer away from the old-fashioned idea that structured and unstructured information should be kept apart. Instead, we use the latest technology to help you create, store and share the combined knowledge of your organisation – whether that’s files on Sharepoint, spreadsheets, finance documents or a library of documents on the intranet.

Our Aiimi consultant knows their stuff better than any consultant I’ve ever worked with. They know the products inside out, they're honest, they turn things around quickly and they want to solve problems - which they always do. I particularly appreciate how they passed their knowledge on. I’ve learnt a lot working with them.



From cutting-edge Microsoft software such as Office 365 and SharePoint to OpenText Content Server and eDOCS solutions, we know which technologies will give you the best experience. Whether you need a brand new solution or want to enhance your existing one, we provide adoption, implementation, migration, decommissioning and technical support both remotely and on-site to help you manage your content.

Manage Data & Content Services

Information architecture

A structure for classifying and tagging information with metadata to support record keeping, security and search.

Records management retention and disposition

Guidance for managing retention and disposition, as well as recommended retention periods, triggers and disposition actions for information resources.

Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint

Using our design, industry and Microsoft knowledge, we help you create artfully engineered experiences that combine the power of digital, mobile, cloud, and social technologies.

OpenText and eDocs

Our close partnership with OpenText ensures we can provide the latest software in document management, record management, email management and web content management so your employees can edit, share and manage their files straight from the cloud.

Data and content platform migration

We use our own next-generation technology to identify and migrate your information, driving your cloud strategy and legacy decommissioning plans.

Enterprise Content Management Strategy

Store and manage all your unstructured content in a single repository using software such as OpenText content suite, extended ECM solutions, SharePoint online and SharePoint on premises.

Enterprise Search Strategy

Get the exact file you need, the moment you need it. The Aiimi Insight Engine crawls through your files, enriching them with metadata and securing them through a gateway, so your employees can access exactly what they need to do their job.

Master Data Management

Data needs to be high quality and well-governed before it can be reliably analyzed. With data constantly flowing in and out of an organization, it's important to establish repeatable processes to build and maintain standards for data quality. Once data is reliable, we help establish a master data management program that gets the entire enterprise on the same page.

Data & Analytics

Whether you're designing the most efficient engines possible, classifying customer complaint emails or creating a map of the pumps in your water network - we'll use your data insights to spot patterns in your network and know exactly what the problem is, how things went wrong, where the problem is and how to fix it. This means managers can make precise, evidence-based decisions on how to run your business at maximum efficiency, acting pro-actively and always staying one step ahead of your competition.

Featured Manage Data & Content Case Study

Reducing Northumbrian Water’s expenditure by 700K, with a 2,500% ROI

Northumbrian Water had around two million telephone conversations with customers every year. The volume of calls was so large that call handlers couldn’t manually capture all information, and mis-classified incidents that led to financial loss and a missed regulatory target. Read how we helped them improve their customer service.

Featured Manage Data & Content Case Study

Improving knowledge sharing for an aircraft component manufacturer with Microsoft SharePoint Online

This aircraft component manufacturer needed a content management solution that could meet the needs of their unique processes surrounding product lifecycle. With Microsoft SharePoint Online, they can now locate their content more effectively - and productivity has risen thanks to an effective information management strategy driven by SharePoint Online.


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