COVID-19 disruption – Can we help your organisation?

Build business resilience and take action against uncertainty. Use these three steps to accelerate your organisation's productivity, wherever your team is based.

It’s incredible to see how organisations have been uniting over recent weeks to figure out new ways of working together, keeping their customers happy, and providing essential services to these customers and the wider community.

Our CEO, Steve Salvin, recently penned an open letter offering our support to businesses as they adopt new ways of working.

As a technology company with a ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy, we have three solutions which will help your organisation face the challenges of the COVID-19 lockdown.

"I thought the remote design sprint was great and managed to hit the sweet spot between informative and interactive….It was interesting listening to some of the struggles other business encounter too. This session showed how even something quite complicated like design sprints with external stakeholders can be completed remotely with the right tools in place."



Work anywhere with the Aiimi Insight Engine

The Aiimi Insight Engine allows companies to ‘cloud enable’ access to their on premises information repositories such as network drives, content management systems, and data platforms. The Aiimi Insight Engine helps your employees to access the content they need, without having to use your already overburdened IT infrastructure, such as Citrix timesharing platforms and VPN solutions. Employees will be able to securely work from home and quickly access all their files, as if they were back in the office. Everyone can work safely in the knowledge that they are maintaining privacy obligations. Any files containing personal or sensitive information is classified as such, so it can be handled in compliance with GDPR or other corporate information policies.

Find out more about Cloud-enabling your remote access.


Automatically process your Customer Services inbox

If your offshore customer service call centre has gone into lockdown, or you are struggling to cope with an increased demand, the Aiimi Insight Engine can help you. Our software uses AI to automatically classify the different types of enquiry arriving in your Customer Services inbox. The Aiimi Insight Engine uses natural language processing to extract entities such as names, organisations, and locations, alongside built algorithms that can determine addresses, account numbers and product codes. Using Machine Learning, the Aiimi Insight Engine classifies customer enquiries so they can be prioritised and routed to the correct place for their next action, reducing avoidable contact and improving customer confidence. In some cases, this means routing enquiries to key workers; in others, it means routing associated enquiry data to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) agents, so that work can be done automatically.

Find out more about combining RPA with AI to fast-track your customer service.


Problem-solve with your team in a Virtual Design Sprint

Working from home doesn’t have to mean putting interactive design sessions on the back burner. In fact, home working may mean that your team has time on their hands, creating the perfect opportunity to drive your strategic projects forward. Virtual design sprints are an effective way to gather your experts in a shared virtual space moderated by a design sprint facilitator. We’ll help you to understand your unique challenges and come up with innovative solutions, as well as a definitive action plan. We recently launched our purpose-built design sprint facility in Milton Keynes, where we are already running sprint and hack sessions for many customers. With the current lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures likely to remain in place for some time, we have designed a virtual version of our tried-and-tested process to support our customers.

Discover what makes a successful Remote Design Sprint from our Head of UX, David Ford.

"We already have a great relationship with Aiimi. The trust and transparency between both organisations meant that continuing in-flight projects remotely was seamless, and the potential challenges that ‘home working’ brings were barely even a consideration when starting new ones. That said, I am looking forward to visiting their fantastic new office space!"