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We’re not a backseat kind of company. We sit with you in the passenger seat on your journey, offering you the latest insights from data analysis and intelligent predictions to create the sharpest roadmap to success.

The sheer quantity of business information can seem frustrating and bewildering, but with the right strategic consulting, it becomes a key asset.

Your business is unique, so naturally your strategy should be too. With over 100 years’ combined experience, our strategists know exactly how to help you move from a written information management strategy to a clear set of outcomes that engage stakeholders and motivate your entire organisation. But it doesn’t end there. We work with you whatever your needs, from practical help on information governance and complying to regulations, to a data science strategy around maximising your insights from the assets you own, to improving staff productivity with a strategy around information storage. We always keep your business’s vision at the forefront, working side-by-side with you to create a roadmap that joins the dots within your business and moves you towards your end goals.

Aiimi delivered an inspiring Data Strategy that has exceeded our expectations and created an excellent platform for going forward.


Develop a strategy for the digital age

As technology advances, workplaces are constantly having to evolve to align with a future of automation and machine learning. Our experts work with you to make sure you’ve got everything you need to keep growing and thriving – whether that’s the right tools, the right strategy or the right systems in your workplace.

Shape Your Strategy Services

Data insights that shape business strategy

Use data analytics to understand how you can maximise the value of your information, drive transparency in your business and create a strategy that works for you.

Create a clear vision, from page to reality

Helping you move from a written information management strategy to a clear set of outcomes that engages stakeholders and motivates your entire organisation.

One version of the truth

Make sure information is not duplicated or siloed, has a defined lifecycle and everyone in your organisation uses a glossary of the same terms.

Communication and training

A plan that defines how communication and training will be deployed, which stakeholders will be onboarded to the information management environment and when.

Vision & Charter

Create a Vision and Charter so everyone, from senior managers to your teams, knows how information is used within your business.

Keep it legal

Develop clear policies around information governance so it's compliant with legal regulations such as GDPR and export control.

Future-proof with predictive analytics

Discover future trends in advance, so you can create a strategy that steers your business towards success and avoids potential pitfalls.

How to make change happen

There’s a real art to strategic consulting. Getting from point A to point B may seem straightforward, but how do you make those crucial choices that put you on the most efficient path to your goal? And then there’s the social process of acclimatising a workforce to new changes, often pushing against unconscious biases. Moving your resources and changing the way you work as new data science insights come in telling you how to work more efficiently. Reacting to a fluctuating market. It’s like figuring out how to throw a dart towards an ever-moving dartboard. Business transformation doesn’t happen overnight – but whatever your timeframe, we can help. From long-term Vision & Charter statements that define how your team uses information in the business, to short and sharp Insight to Action analytics that help you figure out your next data move, we are happy to help you create the strategic change you want.

Featured Shape your strategy Case Study

Eliminating ten major GDPR risks for a client over a three month period for Aquila

Read how we assigned ownership to GDPR risks at Aquila, created an action plan and updated their existing information policies.

Featured Shape your strategy Case Study

Creating a Vision and Charter for Thales

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