Whether you’re a tech novice or a master of the craft, chances are you’ll have some awareness of data and its prevalence in the modern age.

We share millions of messages over email and social media every day. The concept of Big Data is known well beyond the tech sphere, and many businesses are now analysing data to make better experiences for their customers.

Step forward the Chief Data Officer (CDO). In theory, this person is a champion of information: someone who knows the ins and outs of how to manage it, secure it and turn it into a valuable asset rather than something to be left in the background. It’s a relatively new addition to the C-suite family but it’s definitely growing in popularity, with one survey claiming that 62.5 per cent of Fortune 1000 companies now have a CDO in place.

What should the CDO’s remit be? Where should we hire them from? When’s the right time? How do we make sure they work in peace and harmony with everyone else at the company? These are common questions we intend to answer.

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