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Data privacy is making headlines left and right, and for good reason. But you can be future-ready by learning where to simplify your data management.


There’s a better way to manage your company’s data

The world of data privacy is changing fast. And that’s a hard place to be if you’re constantly wading through seas of SARs or scrambling to keep up with compliance.

You don’t have to let these challenges get in the way of your work running smoothly.

With data protection violations on the rise, the stakes are too high to put these concerns on the backburner. But if you can pinpoint what’s creating complexity, you can start to future-proof your operations by automating your biggest headaches.

It’s time to make your case for transformation.


Pinpoint your problem areas.

Data Types
Data Types
With great data volume, comes greater headaches. How
 often are you having to conduct data impact assessments? Is unstructured data slowing down review, or are deletion requests disrupting your productivity?
Business Operations
Business Operations
If your business runs in multiple regions, you’ve got to contend with lots of differences in processes, systems, data regulations, and file structures. Not to mention any collaboration barriers.
SAR specifics
SAR specifics
Subject access requests are time-consuming as is—especially when dealing with that pesky unstructured data when processing employee SARs. It doesn’t take much for costs to get out of hand.
IT systems
IT systems
How many systems store customer and employee data throughout your business? Too many systems often invite opportunities for human error—especially when legacy systems are involved.

How it works.

Answer 16 short questions about your day-to-day data privacy operations, and we’ll score you based on four
 key complexity markers. That’ll give us a clear picture of how complex your business’ needs are.

We’ll send you a personalised playbook outlining which parts of your data privacy operations to upgrade — so
you can build a business case for a simplified future.


What’s in my personalised playbook?

In our guide, we’ll share your complexity rating, plus personalised recommendations and insights, including:

  • Your overall complexity level compared to other businesses
  • A blueprint of key complexity markers, and how they can help you spot potential issues
  • How you can unlock the power of automation and compare systems
  • See the impact of automation in action with a real-life success story
  • How to paint a clear picture for C-suite to see the value in automating your
 data privacy and compliance operations.

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